software development in transformative technologies

Flexibility - Respond quickly to your changing development needs.| Competence - Full-cycle software and hardware development, specializing in transformational technology.| Efficiency - A no surprises approach through a predictable and cost efficient process.

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We focus on transformative technology


We drive innovation and growth by providing a flexible R&D structure
to high-tech companies and start-ups.


“The Internet of Things has the potential to fundamentally shift the way we interact with our surroundings. The ability to monitor and manage objects in the physical world electronically makes …


Virtual and augmented reality together with other computer vision technologies has the potential to become one of the big transformative technologies in the current wave of digitalization, and it will …


Communications technology is a key enabler of the digital transformation. The increasing availability of technologies such as mobile, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cloud, analytics and platforms is dramatically …